10 Shot "Taster Package"


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This package is created for people who want to try clay pigeon shooting but aren't sure if they will like it.

With an entry level price it allows anyone to try the sport without the expense!

​You will still receive tuition from one of our instructors and all the required equipment.

The session is usually shared with others to make a group of up to 8 people.

​Should you decide you enjoy shooting, additional shots are available during the session at a rate of £10/10 shots

20 Shot "Have a Go Package"


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This package suits people who have never had any experience firing a shotgun and would like to know if it is the sort of thing they will enjoy.

It is a great group activity for friends to get together and try clay shooting. We usually deliver these events on a Saturday. We have a shooting stand with an instructor, and everyone takes turns to shoot at a choice of targets so in the end you will each shoot at 20 targets. The typical group size is 5 or 6, and it takes about an hour. We supply all the necessary equipment. 

30 Shot "Intermediate Package"


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Similar to the "Have a Go" Package, but with the addition of an extra 10 shot competition – usually shot in pairs with a small trophy for the overall winner provided there are at least 8 participants in the group.

40 Shot "Premium Package"


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

​The "Premium Package" really gives you an in depth experience of clay shooting. You will have the opportunity to shoot at 6-8 different targets across a variety of shooting points. Accompanied by one of our instructors, you will be given guidance and instruction along with all the equipment you require.

​We would advise this package for people that have tried clay pigeon shooting before but wish to take their experience a step further.



"The staff at the club are phenomenal. Our instructors both made it a wonderful experience for the group. Sue made a great breakfast for the group and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It is likely we will be back again"

James (Citibank)

"Just wanted to express our gratitude for the positive experience we had.
We appreciate the manner in which you guys handled our last minute changes and alterations to our plans.
The quality and customer service of the instructors was phenomenal.
Overall it was a great experience,
Thanks a million."


"Great service throughout and rescheduling my shoot was no issue. 
Dan the shooting instructor was a great guy and ultra friendly and knowledgeable. 
Will definitely go again"


"Booking was flexible and straight forward, extremely accommodating for our large group. 

​The instructors were patient and a great help!

​We will be back"


"Dan the instructor made our day! Very professional and pleasant person. Made it a very enjoyable outing for all of us! Thank You!" 


"We had a brilliant time. None of us had ever done clay pigeon shooting before but we were expertly guided by Sam, who gave very clear instruction, was very encouraging and patient. Thanks so much for a great experience. We will definitely be back."

Horatiu Borca

Never thought shooting can be that fun!

We were a big group, 8+ and most of us never held a shotgun in our hands before! However, with the fantastic support our instructor, Dan, all of us were able to shoot pretty well, which made the whole experience even more pleasant knowing that we achieved some good results at shooting, too.

Definitely worth trying if never done before, after such an experience even the lunch is more delicious and it won't be difficult to find a good restaurant to eat at, as Hertford is just nearby and it is a great place.

A big and warm Thank You to Dan, our instructor, one of the reasons we're thinking to come back here in the future!

Alice Overend

Awesome experience!! Our instructor was great, super friendly and a really good teacher - I was absolutely thrilled that I actually shot the clays!! Highly recommend and we are already planning to go again!

Jake Napier

Great experience and defiantly worth a try ! Me and my family unexpectedly had a great time and would 100% go again. The instructor was excellent, A great teacher and made the whole experience safe and welcoming.